I never saw myself as having a blog.  For the most part, I still don’t, yet here I am.  I don’t envision this being much more than a place to infrequently post some of my thoughts in longer form than Twitter allows, whike also allowing me to more easily share those thoughts if desired.

For any who might be reading something I posted here and are wondering who I am, where I am coming from: I am a middle aged husband, father, an operational meteorologist in the private sector, and a follower of Christ.  I lean conservative fiscally and socially, though have become more moderate socially over the last several years after I began to work to listen to voices outside the conservative echo chamber I grew up in, and gradually began to grow skeptical of.  I am by nature skeptical, and as life allows I enjoy research and getting to foundational beliefs and facts.  I have a special abhorrence for liars and charlatans.

For fun: Favorite three movies I’ve seen over the last year off the top of my head: Kubo and the Two Strings, Arrival, and Take Shelter.  Favorite three books/series I’ve read over the last year off the top of my head: The Power of the Powerless, The Red Rising Trilogy, and John Dies at the End.  Currently reading Raised on Ritalin by Tyler Paige, and Liars for Jesus Vol. 1 by Chris Rodda.


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