I never saw myself as having a blog. For the most part, I still don’t, yet here I am. I don’t presently envision this being much more than a place to infrequently post some of my thoughts in longer form, allowing me to more easily share those thoughts if desired.

For any who might be reading something I posted here and are wondering who I am, where I am coming from: I am a husband, a father, a lover of words and stories, a light wrangler, and an Exvangelical. I lean slightly conservative fiscally which anymore makes me a raging liberal, and increasingly progressive socially. I am by nature skeptical and inquisitive, and as life allows I enjoy research, data, and getting to foundational beliefs, facts, and truths. I most value truth and love, or expressed slightly differently, I want to live my life exemplifying integrity and the furthering of human rights. I have a special abhorrence for liars, charlatans, and bigotry of all stripes, especially when wrapped in the language of love.

For fun: Favorite three movies I’ve seen over the last year off the top of my head: Get Me Roger Stone, Black Panther, and Your Name. Favorite three books I’ve read over the last year off the top of my head: What Happened, It’s Even Worse Than it Looks, and Hollow. Currently reading Southern Cross; The beginnings of the Bible Belt.